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Preschools And Science: What Is Your Child Learning?

Preschools have plenty to offer when it comes to what and how your child learns. You may already know that your little learner is getting in her fair share of the A, B, C's and 1, 2, 3s (that is, early literacy and math). But what else is she learning?

Along with reading, writing, and math, your child is also exploring other areas, such as science. Even though you might remember science as a substantial subject that you studied in high school, that doesn't mean your preschooler can't start learning about it now.

How can preschool help your young child to learn about science? Take a look at the skills your pre-k kiddo is building during science activities:

Problem-Solving Skills

Science revolves around experimentation and exploration. Your child will help to form a hypothesis and test it out while participating in the scientific process. Even activity as simple as, "What sinks and what floats?" requires your child to hypothesize, or predict, what will happen.

As your child formulates and tests a prediction she'll start problem-solving. This type of critical, and creative, thinking doesn't have to stay in the science area. Your preschooler can take her new problem-solving skills and use them in other content areas (such as math or art) or at home.

Understanding the Natural World

Your child is completely curious about the world around her. Science lets her explore that world and helps her to understand some of the why's and what's. From the animals outside her window to the plants that grow on the ground, studying (or rather, exploring) the earth and biological sciences can help your child to answer some of the questions that she might have.

Following Directions

While exploring is part of studying the sciences, that doesn't mean your child has free reign to do whatever she wants. When her pre-k teacher sets up an activity or experiment, your child will need to follow the steps and instructions given. Practicing this skill in the science area lets her build up the ability to listen, communicate, pay attention and carry out multiple steps in the correct order. She can then take those skills and use them in the math area when she creates art or at home when you tell her to get ready for bed.

Preschool is much more than reading and writing. Even though early literacy skills are certainly important, they aren't the only part of your preschooler's curriculum. Along with basics, such as reading and math, your child can learn and explore in plenty of other areas — especially when it comes to science. 

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