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4 Ways To Prepare Teens For Online High School

Online high school can be greatly beneficial for a wide variety of teenagers. Whether they need to stay home for health considerations, find that having a flexible schedule is necessary for extracurricular interests, or prefer learning from home, parents can help empower teens to ace their online courses. Consider these ways to help prepare your teens to do their best in class.

Download Books or Purchase Them in Advance

Online school should be given the same consideration as an in-person school. Be sure that your teen is prepared for their first week of classes by helping them download all their schoolbooks and recommended books for each course they are taking. If the books aren't available online or your teen prefers books they can hold in their hands, be sure to order the books at least a couple of weeks in advance to allow time for shipping to your home.

Plan School Day Meals and Snacks

Being at home for school can seem so comfortable that it's tempting to improvise meals and snacks since the kitchen is so close. However, it can take a lot of time and energy during a school day for a teen to choose and cook their meals and snacks. Instead, have a meal plan scheduled each day. You may choose to pack their daily snacks in a lunch bag that's placed near their school area and have healthy microwavable meals close at hand for lunchtime.

Help Teens Plan a Full School Day

Learning from home doesn't mean that structure needs to go out the window. Help teens plan a full school day in a way that works best for them. Some teens will want to go straight through their schoolwork early in the day with only breaks for food, while other teens may be able to focus better if they get a break in the afternoon to exercise or relax.

Develop a Chain of Command for Problems

Problems will inevitably come up when teens are adjusting to any school. Be sure that your teen knows who they should turn to when problems arise. For example, if a teen encounters a problem with their homework, let them know who they should call for help. You may be able to help them with some subjects. However, if you are not knowledgeable in a certain subject, you may hire a tutor or ask a teacher to be available when teens need help in certain topics. Make sure your teen knows where to get help with each subject they are studying.

Finally, keep in mind that every teen will respond a little differently to online learning. If your teens have been going to brick-and-mortar schools their whole lives, they may have many questions and concerns. Be patient and persistent while helping your teens adjust to this new way of learning, and you will likely soon discover that they will thrive while attending online high school.

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