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Make This The Best Summer Ever: 4 Summer Camp Questions To Ask

How can you help your child to have the best summer camp experience possible? Whether this is your child's first summer of camp or you just want to make this one their best yet, take a look at the questions to ask before they start their next session.

What Should Children Bring To Camp?

The answer to this question depends on the type of camp and the specific program. Some daytime (non-sleepover) summer camp services are all-inclusive. This means your child won't need to bring anything. Others may require campers to bring a lunch, a snack, a towel/swim gear, sunscreen, or other items. If your child's camp is an overnight experience, the kid's summer camp should provide parents with a list of everything to bring and the suggested quantities. 

What Is A Typical Camp Day?

This question can help you to plan for your camper's summer. Not only will the answer make it easier to pack the right gear (if needed), but it can also help your child to prepare for the next few days or weeks of summer fun. If your child is anxious about a first camp experience or they are curious about what they'll do all day, ask the camp's staff to outline a typical day. This should include meals, activities, and anything else that happens at camp.

Who Are the Counselors, Teachers, or Group Leaders?

Your child spends months getting to know their classroom teacher. But in the summer they may only have a few days or weeks to learn more about their camp counselor or group leader. Make the transition from a school-year to a summer-time teacher easier with a few questions about the camp counselors/leaders.

Ask the camp if they can provide specific information about your child's counselor, teacher, or leader—such as their name, role within the camp or program, educational background, and experiential background. These details can help both you and your child feel more comfortable with the person or people who are in charge during the summer camp program experience. 

What Should Parents Know About Meals and Snacks?

Does the camp provide meals and snacks? If the summer camp does serve lunch, snacks, or other meals, ask the program's staff for a menu or list of the items. A sample menu can give you a better idea of what to expect and help you to plan for food sensitivity, intolerance, or allergy-related issues. If you will need to pack a lunch or snack, ask if there are restricted items. Some programs are nut-free or won't allow other similar potential allergens

For more information, contact a local organization, like Intrinsic Foundation.

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