Making the Most Out of Your Child's Education

Skills To Teach Your Child To Ready Them For Preschool

Your child is growing up quickly, and although they will be taught at school, there are things you should also be teaching at home. Your child can learn a lot from you at home and there are teaching opportunities in each and every day, whether it's on a walk around the block or on the drive to the grocery store. There are a number of ways to teach your child to help prepare them for preschool and beyond. See below for some skills you can teach at home.


Play listening games at home with your child to help get them to stop what they're doing and focus on what you're saying. Be sure your child is focused on you when playing listening games. Red light/green light is a fun game your child will enjoy. It's a fun way to get your child to listen, while also getting your child active at the same time. Stand far enough away, but close enough that your child can hear the directions. Tell him green light to go and red light to stop. When he gets the concept, you can add in yellow light to get him to slow down. 

Sitting Still And Patience

Teach your child to be patient and to sit still by having your child sit for a story at home or for a story time at your local library. Have your child sit with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap. Don't allow him to get up and run, to lay down or to rock and roll all over.

Waiting in lines such as at the grocery store is a great way to teach patience. If you're having an issue waiting in line, your child may have the same problem, so be sure you tell your child that you're waiting in line and being patient until it is your turn, and he should do the same.

Colors, Letters, Numbers And Shapes

Your child may not need to know these things before entering preschool, but it's still a good idea to introduce these to your child. There are a number of toys and games that introduce these to your child. Point out everyday objects and things to also help teach your child. Show him leaf colors while on walks, point out road signs when driving down the road and tell him the shape of the sign (such as an octagon stop sign, or a triangle shaped yield sign), point out the colors of signs or colors you see around you. Show him numbers on buildings, houses or mailboxes, or letters in books, on toys or games.

Your child is growing up quickly, and will be going to school before you know it. Teach your child at home and during everyday activities to help your child learn and grow, and to prepare him for preschool and beyond.

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Making the Most Out of Your Child's Education

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