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What Makes Occupational Therapy Great For Your Child?

If your child has any type of disability or delay, then you've heard of occupational therapy. This is a type of therapy that helps people learn how to develop fine motor skills as well as how to pay attention to multiple step directions, time constraints, and other tasks and accomplishments that will help them thrive in a real-life social setting.

Your child should receive occupational therapy if the service is referred to by their main doctor. Here are ways occupational therapy can be great for your child.

Building confidence

Your child will learn how to build confidence as they move forward with their occupational therapy needs. This service will help your little one learn how to tie their shoes, comb their hair, move blocks, hold a pen, and other minute tasks you may take for granted but are hard for a developmentally delayed or disabled person to accomplish. With the gentle guidance of their occupational therapist, your child will learn to make these tasks happen on their own time and build confidence along the way.

Building accountability

Occupational therapy is about more than assisting your child to learn how to do things physically, it helps them stay mentally focused and fit as well. When your little one knows that they have to wait a few minutes to do something or that one part of a task has to be finished before they can move onto the next, they feel better about the way they can do things and can be more self- and socially aware. This accountability building strength is great for your child as they grow and enter a classroom or work setting.

Building problem-solving skills

Over time, occupational therapy is going to help your child thrive in their ability to solve their own problems on a physical, mental, and emotional level. This is so important to the growth of your little one as being able to self-manage and handle all kinds of unexpected delays and issues is key to healthy growth. Depending on your child's physical abilities and mental needs, your offspring's occupational therapist may prefer to have you in the room helping with assistance or will opt to have you sit out and wait so your little one can learn without distraction.

It can take a few sessions of occupational therapy to see a change in your child's fine motor skills. If you all stick with it, your child can improve in many healthy ways. Find a local place that offers occupational therapy like Your Therapy Source to help your child strengthen their fine motor skills. 

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